The Ultimate Guide to the Types of Nursing

A career in nursing doesn’t always mean walking around a hospital in pastel-colored scrubs. There are many different types of nursing in many different environments. Here is a quick list of different types of nursing careers to help you choose what kind of nurse you want to be.

  1. Agency, or Travel nursing: Nurses register with an agency, tell the agency when they are available to work, and the agency hires them out to work shifts in a number of healthcare settings. It’s like a temp agency for nursing, and the best part is that agency nurses with specialized training and experience are in high demand. Travel nurses are a type of agency nurse and can choose which locations they are willing to travel to, and have assignments of 13 weeks or longer with paid housing.
  2. Critical Care: Critical care nurses work with patients and families who are suffering from potentially life-threatening illnesses. Critical care nurses work in cardiac care, intensive care, and surgical intensive care. It’s an intense job, but very rewarding.
  3. Forensic Nursing: If you had trouble deciding whether to pursue forensics or nursing, this job combines the two. As a forensic nurse, your job is to give medical care to crime victims and collect physical and biological evidence, or provide medical care to prisoners.
  4. Geriatric Nursing: With the increasing age of the baby-boomer generation, no professional field is set to grow as much as geriatric nursing. If you want a guaranteed job, this is the career to pursue. Nurses care for elderly patients in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals or in the patients’ homes.
  5. Midwifery: Even though it sounds like a medieval practice (it is), midwifery is alive and well. Nurses specialize in childbirth, prenatal and postpartum care, doing everything from advising mothers-to-be on nutrition to delivering babies.
  6. Nurse practitioner: Nurse practitioners have gotten their masters degrees and are able to prescribe medicines, give examinations, counsel patients and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests. It takes longer to become a nurse practitioner, but the pay is better.

5 Excellent iPhone Apps for New Moms

Motherhood is both an exhilarating and exasperating experience; and every once in a while new moms find themselves to be operating on near empty tanks. A baby, as soon as it learns to crawl, is good enough to lead all members of the family to a merry dance. And if the new mom happens to be a working woman, the workload increases for her. At such times any little bit of help is greatly appreciated.

Here we present five excellent iPhone apps for new moms that will surely help them, lighten their workload, and bring a smile to their faces.

1. Nursing Tracker – An application that lets you track information regarding breastfeeding your child. Keep track of when you fed the baby and from which side. You can track nursing and bottle feeds for two babies and store an unlimited amount of data regarding the feeds. You can share the information log with your doctor or email it to yourself for backup. The trends thrown up over time will tell you things such as the times your baby feels hungrier; whether it prefers breast milk or bottle feeds; which of the two children feeds more; etc.

2. Lose it! – This one’s for new mothers yearning to lose the pounds they have put on during pregnancy. The application is basically a calorie counter. Its exhaustive database helps it to automatically calculate the calories you consume based on food type and portion size. Plus you can log calories burnt based on activities you carry out during the day. The net calorie gain or loss will tell you about the direction in which your weight-loss efforts are going.

3. aSleep Kids – A thoughtfully developed application, one that sings lullabies to gently send your child to dreamland. Saves you the labor of rocking the baby to sleep unless of course it is one of those sweet labors of motherhood that you enjoy. The application comes with 15 lullabies in high quality stereo sound. You can choose the song to be played and its duration or set the application on autoplay. The easy-to-use interface lets you alter song tempo as well as the volume. A real time saver and useful application for moms blessed with kids that take time to doze away.

4. BabyCam – Invariably some of the most cherished photos in a family album are those of the baby’s growing years. The difficult thing is to get a child to hold a pose or keep a smiling face long enough for you to click. Kids are naturals in front of the camera; their smiles are real and their eyes shine honestly but you’ve got to be able to capture the moment when they give you the chance. This is where the application comes in handy. It has fifteen pre-recorded sounds such as bells, drums, doorbells and also a rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

5. Diaper Tracker – There is little that a baby does in its early days except eat, relieve itself, and sleep. And ensuring that these three activities take place smoothly and in a timely manner is key to a baby’s health and growth. The Diaper Tracker is an application that helps you track the baby’s bowel movements and ensure that the little one stays at ease. Track time and know the last time your baby had a diaper change. Easily keep stock of clean diapers and those that need to be disposed. Know when the baby has not pooped, if that be the case then you can give it some mild laxative so that it does not have to strain too much. By keeping track of its bowel cleaning routine, you can initiate a potty training schedule in a timely manner.